Shops and Services

The Atrium shopping mall located at the corner of Charles Square and Resslova Street (the corridors above the metro exits lead directly into the building). The shopping center makes an immediate impression with its grand interior space, where various events and exhibitions are held. The proximity of Atrium Mall to metro, tram and bus lines makes it the ideal location for shopping and leisure. The customer is always first here, as shown by the availability of a defibrillator and operators trained to use it in case of sudden cardiac arrest.

For those who would like to make the most of their free time or just wait for somebody, or perhaps find a quiet place in the center for your business meeting, you’re always sure to find the right location. Naturally there is Wi-Fi available both in the café and in the restaurant.


With its shops, services and regularly organized special events, Atrium Mall is a major landmark of Charles Square.

  • Wide range of shops and services
  • Regular special events
  • Excellent transport accessibility
  • Located directly in the city center
  • Long opening hours

Shops and Services

Available on the premises of the Atrium Shopping Mall is the ZOLL AED Plus, an automatic defibrillator for complete resuscitation in cases where the affected person is unconscious and not breathing. This unit is located in the control room and all members of the security team and management are trained in using this device correctly. 
A heart attack can strike anyone, anywhere and at anytime. This unique device saves lives with defibrillation (restoring normal heart rhythm by applying an electric pulse to the heart through two broad electrodes placed on the victim’s chest) and massage management and evaluation (frequency and depth). If the victim is not in cardiac arrest, the device will evaluate the situation and actively guide the rescuer, i.e. avoid any incorrect use of the defibrillator.